A Plan for City College

Solving Tough Problems With an Eye Toward the Future

I believe that City College is stronger when we focus on the tough problems facing our students, faculty, and staff with an eye toward the future. Listening to our community is the first step - let’s begin there.

Victor Olivieri, PhD


The Two-Year Promise will improve student success by ensuring every student can graduate or be ready for their next career move in two years. We will reinvigorate academic programs that lead to local jobs of the future with classes and training programs that help students launch careers in tech, biomedical, and hospitality fields, or transfer to a four-year university with all the credits they need. Every student deserves the chance to successfully complete a robust core curriculum at City College in two years.

  • Two-Year Promise
    • Increase the availability and coordinate the scheduling of core curriculum classes with block scheduling.
    • Create learning communities around specific degree plans to aid student success.
    • Provide students who want to transfer or graduate in 2 years with every opportunity to do so with access to required classes and the academic support they need to succeed.
    • Provide students who want to move on to a good paying job with the training programs, certifications, and apprenticeships they need to succeed.
    • Work with the entire City College community to identify and bring down barriers that prevent students from graduating on time.
  • Prepare Students for the Local Jobs of the Future
    • Work with our local labor unions to strengthen our world-class trade and hospitality training programs that lead to good union jobs.
    • Expand tech and biomedical certificate programs that make students career-ready with leading industries right here in San Francisco.
    • Partner with local organizations and companies to give students opportunities to learn from non-traditional environments, like coding bootcamps, hackathons, and makerspaces.
    • Offer classes in renewable energy and green jobs, entrepreneurship, cannabis, beer and wine making, and nonprofit management to take advantage of our region’s incredible ingenuity and innovation.
  • Elevate Student Voices
    • Host student-led Town Hall meetings every semester for the Trustees to make sure we’re working for our students’ academic and career success.
    • Create a student intern program with City College students assigned to each member of the Board of Trustees to help increase responsiveness, transparency, and communication with constituents.


Establishing a sustainable future for City College will mean supporting our entire college community, including students, faculty, staff, and administrators. We need to decrease barriers to education, recruit students from across the broadest socioeconomic spectrum, and make sure City College is a great place to get an education.

  • Build on Free City and Lower Barriers to Education
    • Simplify the application and registration processes.
    • Expand Free City to ensure we can rebuild our student body to previous levels.
    • Revamp facilities and programs at the City College Veterans Center to enhance recruiting and support student veterans.
    • Recruit students from the broadest spectrum possible.
    • Make the City College website more intuitive to facilitate access to academic services.
  • Support and Grow Our Faculty and Staff
    • Pay faculty a living wage.
    • Establish a Leadership Development Program for our faculty to grow into the future leadership of the college and become our Department Chairs, Deans, Vice Chancellors, and Chancellors.
    • Ensure faculty voices are heard with a faculty-led Town Hall Meeting every semester.
    • Ensure classified staff voices are heard with a staff-led Town Hall Meeting every semester.
    • Foster the recruitment of a more diverse and representative faculty body.
    • Grow our classified staff to appropriate levels to ensure the adequate maintenance of our buildings and educational mission.
    Make San Francisco Livable for Students, Faculty, and Staff
    • Establish a Free Muni for Students Program modeled off the successful Free Muni for Youth Program.
    • Build affordable student and faculty housing on existing City College property in mixed-use buildings with amenities, housing, classrooms, and offices.
    • Strongly advocating for Balboa Reservoir to be built with mixed-used, student, faculty, and family housing, including allocations for students who need supportive housing.
    • Expand the work-study program.
    • Ensure every student worker gets paid San Francisco’s minimum-wage.


San Francisco is known for being the heart of the most innovative region in the world and we need to embrace this innovative spirit to ensure the long-term sustainability of City College with new partnerships, transparency, and improving our facilities.

  • Build a Tech Incubator/Accelerator on Campus
    • Partner with regional tech companies, start-ups, non-profits, and student groups to bring investment on the jobs of the future on campus.
    • Co-locate tech certificate programs, coding classes, and bootcamps under one roof.
    • Create a pipeline for our students to enter into top tech companies with good paying jobs.
  • Form New Partnerships that Support Students
    • Increase support and engagement from community leaders and alumni by establishing and developing an alumni association.
    • Develop partnerships with other local institutions, community leaders, and alumni groups to support our students with a grassroots approach.
    • Establish a comprehensive internship program with local companies and nonprofit employers.
    • Increase the City College endowment through Foundation partnerships.
    • Work with the City College Community and public to improve accountability and increase transparency in facilities management, budget decisions, and governance structures.
  • Improve City College with Carbon-Neutral and Energy Independent Facilities
    • Update and champion the College Sustainability Plan to ensure every campus is environmentally-friendly, carbon-neutral, and eventually energy independent.
    • Provide opportunities for student, staff, and faculty-led projects to modernizing campus facilities with an eye toward the future.
    • Work with the community to establish smart oversight of our facilities and budget.
    • Emphasize renewable energy and green projects like solar panels, electric charging stations, water collection/reclaiming, and car/ride sharing throughout City College campuses.