It has taken me a long time to write this… I gave everything I had to that election.

I want to begin by thanking everyone that helped the campaign along the way. People from all over the city supported me with their time, their volunteering, and their fundraising. Together, we inspired thousands of people. We reminded them of just how important City College is for San Francisco and, more importantly, we reminded them that our students deserve better. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

In the end, 101,368 people voted for me. They voted to change the status quo. We fell short.

I have received hundreds of texts, emails, and calls from friends in the last month. People stop me in the street and they tell me “I voted for you!” Words cannot adequately convey these feelings. I have been overwhelmed at times, because I love San Francisco and what we started here, and because I’m sorry I couldn’t get us there.

It’s time to put aside the results of the campaign and focus on what is truly important – making a difference. I have always been driven by the desire to do the most good, whether I was serving our country, teaching in the classroom, or running for office. This is the essence of public service.

Looking ahead to the new year, Assemblymember David Chiu asked me to join his slate of 14 candidates for the California Democratic Party Assembly Delegate election on January 12th. For those of you who live in Assembly District 17, please join me here.

As I pick myself up from this campaign, I want to assure you that I will continue to champion the policy goals we set forth at the beginning of our campaign for City College, continue my work on the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Commission, and remain involved in the city through various Democratic clubs and civic organizations.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without setbacks along the way, I’m used hearing “no, this isn’t for you.” I’ve always persevered, and this is no different.

We ran a solid and principled campaign. Stay tuned for much, much more in the coming years.

Thank you for your love and support,