Excited to Announce Mayor Mark Farrell’s Endorsement!

Victor Olivieri with Mayor FarrelI’m excited to announce that Mayor Mark Farrell has endorsed my campaign for City College. Mayor Farrell has brought so much to San Francisco through innovation: the Shared School Project, Free WiFi for Parks, a city-owned fiber internet network, and solving a massive $4.4 billion unfunded retiree healthcare liability.

Mayor Farrell’s forward-thinking leadership and problem-solving approach has brought innovation, fiscal responsibility, and growth to City Hall, and I would be proud to bring the same to City College.

As your City College Trustee, I will focus on making sure our City College delivers the much-needed services our community needs, and like Mayor Farrell, I will embrace innovation and establish fiscally-sound policies to build a strong future for City College.

City College is a powerful institution that needs — deserves — innovative and fiscally-responsible leadership that can solve tough problems, support the needs of every student, and strengthen our community.

Your contribution will help me deliver on this promise.

Thank you,

Victor Olivieri, PhD