Lowering Barriers to Education

Last week, the City College Trustees voted to increase the student worker hourly wage to match the San Francisco city minimum hourly wage of $14 per hour. This is great news and will help lower barriers to education. This is one of the reasons I am running for City College, and is part of my Plan for City College. I applaud the Trustees and, in particular, the efforts of former Student Trustee Bouchra Simmons for this critical increase in student wages, and for the foresight to link this change to San Francisco City Law so that the wages will continue to rise along with the city’s minimum wage. This was long overdue and exactly the type of work I will prioritize as a Trustee.

As we celebrate the unanimous passage of this item, it is important to keep an eye out on the second half of the equation that comes with student wages: education funding. The City College general fund is able to allocate $797,558 to pay for the wage increase, but the Associated Students, the student government that pays over 30 lab aides for the 11 resource centers they staff, simply cannot cover the costs under the current budget. These resource centers are critical to student success. They help some of the most underrepresented students in our community, including LGBTQQI, veterans, undocumented immigrants, and students with children, to name but a few. Free City is incredible for our students, but it has also put greater strain on Associated Students in opening the door to more low-income students and single parents. These students need more resources. It’s time for City College to help the Associated Students.

Lowering the barriers to education requires comprehensive plans that address the entire City College community. You can never do just one thing without having an impact on the rest of the system. This is why it is so important to have leaders who understand the inner workings of an institution of higher learning. This is why I am running for the City College Board of Trustees. I encourage everyone to support this increase in minimum wages, and I’m asking for your support for my campaign so that we can address the second half of the equation and make this improvement work long-term for City College and the Associated Students.

Please join my campaign to help me make a significant difference for our students and secure a sustainable future for City College.

Thank you for your support,