Invest In Black Lives at City College

I was on the Golden Gate Bridge the day we marched to support the Black Lives Matter movement. It was a monumental experience that I will never forget. But we can't let moment pass us by and have our words fade in vain.

Yesterday, I spent an hour speaking with leaders from the Black Student Union at City College to discuss their demands and the way forward at City College.

The path seems quite clear to me 

On the Bridge

Here's my statement on the record, for the last CCSF Trustee meeting (8/27/20):

"Black Lives Matter" and "budgets are moral documents" - these two statements are intrinsically linked when it comes to providing equitable access to the quality education we provide at City College, and the Board of Trustees has done next to nothing to support our Black students. If the Board of Trustees doesn’t systematically invest in the support structures our students of color need, they simply don’t care about providing equitable access to education. If the Board of Trustees doesn’t fully fund and support the African American Studies Resource Center, including hiring of a full-time faculty advisor, they don’t care about our Black students. It’s not enough to say "Black Lives Matter" - you have to put your money where your mouth is and Invest in Black Lives. Reinstate LALS 5 for the Fall Semester, reinstate the dully elected Chair of African American Studies, prioritize the funding of the African American Studies Resource Center and a dedicated faculty advisor, and support the demands of the Black Student Union. Nothing short of that will suffice in providing equitable access to education at City College.

We have a lot of work to do to correct generations of systemic racism and institutional oppression, and I truly believe City College is the place where we can begin to systematically Invest in Black Lives today.

Will you help us?

In Solidarity,