In the Past Year...

About a year ago, I took a hard look at everything we had accomplished during our campaign for the San Francisco Community College board, and I told you I would run again.

Here’s what I have been up to in the past year...

In January 2019, right off the bat, I ran for the California Democratic Party and won a seat alongside my slate mates to take 13 of the 14 seats in Assembly District 17


Celebrating Veterans Month legislation with David Chiu

I then went on to author and pass 6 Resolutions at the California Democratic Party Convention in San Francisco:

  1. A More Representative US House of Representatives and Electoral College
  2. Proportional Representation and Multi-Member Districts for California
  3. The Decriminalization of Pregnancy Loss in California
  4. Public Lifelong Learning Model
  5. The Commodification, Regulation, and Protection of User Data
  6. California High Speed Rail project as a Green New Deal Proof-of-Concept

Altogether, in the last three years as a member of the resolutions committee, I have worked with elected officials, trade associations, subject matter experts, and key constituent groups across the state to submit 434 resolutions with appropriate recommendations and amendments to the Party.

I also voted to close a major loophole in Prop 13 and to support Schools and Communities First with the Public Preschool, K-12, and College Health and Safety Bond Act of 2020, and voted to support several other state-wide propositions that embody our San Francisco values. 

And I became the Co-Chair of the CADEM Resolutions Committee so I can have greater leadership of our Party’s direction in 2020.


At the local level, I was unanimously re-appointed by the Board of Supervisors to continue to serve San Francisco as a City Commissioner on the Veterans Affairs Commission.


After getting sworn in by Mayor London Breed 


I went on to organize and host the first Veterans Summit with representatives from 11 City, State, and Federal departments and agencies to better understand the need for programs of economic development, health care, and social services as they relate to the problems, interests, and needs of veterans who reside in San Francisco.

I then authored San Francisco’s Veterans Month Resolution with Supervisors Catherine Stefani and Gordon Mar as the Sponsors, to recognize every November as Veterans Month in San Francisco and urge all San Franciscans to recognize veterans in their community through acts of kindness. Most importantly, the resolution also:

  • Reaffirms the City’s commitment to prioritize the hiring of veterans
  • Emphasizes the need for increased outreach for veterans mental health services
  • Supports the mission and work of Swords to Plowshares, Chinatown Community Development Center, and other veterans service organizations in providing housing, compassionate support, and education services to our veterans
  • Provides unwavering City support for policies and programs that assist veterans in our community


Leading Veterans Month Legislation



On the personal side, I took a position directing the work of over 500 employees for a local company and went back to my roots as an educator, and started teaching political science classes again as an Adjunct Professor.


Celebrating with Shannon Hovis


I celebrated my 40th birthday in April and I got engaged to the love of my life in November, who is the State Director of a national women’s reproductive freedom advocacy organization in San Francisco.


Walking home after our engagement


Together, we have marched for PRIDE, women's rights, the environment, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and supported non-profit organizations and progressive candidates across the state.

It’s been a great year!

Stay tuned for much more to come in 2020…

Thank you for your love and support,