Final GOTV Fundraiser - Thank You for helping us get over the finish line in 2020!

We truly believe electing qualified candidates is an investment in the future of our community. This is why it is so important to elect our friend Dr. Victor Olivieri to the SF Community College Board. Victor understands what our students are going through because he was one of them. He also has the experience, plans, and resolve to finally guide City College into the right path. Thank you for taking an interest in his campaign and helping us get him over the finish line in 2020 with a campaign contribution.

- Michael Appel and Jake Christensen

We hope you can join us on October 21 at 6:30 pm for a meet and greet fundraiser in which we will briefly discuss the state of City College and why this is such a pivotal election for San Francisco. If you can't join us, please make sure to contribute as much as you can to get us over the finish line. Every dollar helps!

Every dollar fundraised will go to digital content to directly reach voters during the last two crucial weeks of the campaign. Donating takes just a couple minutes with your personal credit card and the online form below. After donating, you will receive a thank you email and we will follow-up with a confirmation email with the link to the online event.

Please join us in thanking to our host committee for helping us organize this event and letting everyone know about Victor's campaign for the Community College Board. These incredible community leaders will be pivotal during the last days of the campaign as we reach voters across San Francisco and help Victor finish the campaign strong. 

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Thank you for everything!

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