Endorsed by Assemblymember David Chiu!

Victor and DavidToday, I’m proud to announce that Assemblymember David Chiu has endorsed my campaign to become your next City College Trustee!

I am so honored. This year, Assemblymember Chiu authored Assembly Bill 19 to provide one year of free community college to first-time students with the “California College Promise.” And just this week, Governor Brown signed this important bill that will help over 19,000 students statewide. Thank you for your bold leadership, David Chiu.

This is exactly the type of leadership we need in Sacramento and for City College.

David’s endorsement and AB19 are particularly special to me because I never could have gone to college on my own, but I was lucky to start at a community college on an athletic scholarship. Without that first little bit of help, I never would have gone on to earn my PhD, teach and mentor the next generation of college students, and become a senior university administrator.

We need to make sure every student who graduates high school in San Francisco and throughout California has the opportunity to get a higher education. By working together at the state and local level, we can continue to find innovative ways together to expand Free City and continue making education available to everyone.

This campaign needs the support of people like you, so that Assemblymember Chiu and I can work together in future years to continue making higher education a reality, not an unaffordable dream.


Victor Olivieri, PhD