City College to Cut Millions of Dollars from Faculty Lines

I have been posting about the dire financial situation that City College of San Francisco is facing for weeks and it has been picked up and reported by the San Francisco Chronicle and other outlets. I believe it is critical for you to hear directly from the key administrators who are working diligently to right the wrongs of the poor decisions that the Board has made these last 3-4 years (before COVID-19).

The elected Board of Trustees will decide next week to cut tens of million of dollars in full-time and part-time faculty expenses over the next three years, resulting in another round of massive class cuts. Here are their four budget scenarios to be discussed during the next Board of Trustees meeting on October 22 and voted on during the meeting right after the election, on November 12

To be perfectly clear: this situation could have been avoided - it was the single biggest issue I ran on in 2018 - and nothing has changed. This is not slinging mud, this is not Monday night quarterbacking, these are the facts, and now you can hear them from the people actually trying to solve the problems I campaigned on two years ago.

Video 1: Chancellor Vurdien Discusses Dire Fiscal Situation at CCSF

Learn about the dire fiscal situation City College is facing, including the history of how we got here, the fiscal cliff coming up, and what the outlook is from the Interim Chancellor who's leading the college through these perilous times.


Video 2: Deputy Chancellor Gonzales Provides Brief Financial History of CCSF

City College is in dire financial trouble, again, but how did we get here? Dianna Gonzales, a long-time and respected administrator at City College explains some of the key aspects that led us here over these last 3-4 years.


Video 3: Deputy Chancellor Gonzales Explains State Student Centered Formula

Many people think that changes to the state funding formula have left City College impoverished, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Dianna Gonzales, a long-time and respected administrator at CCSF explains how the formula has not affected City College and warns of the future outlook.

I hope that these videos help demystify the absolutely dire fiscal situation at City College and that more and more people will be inspired to spread the word: we need new leadership on the Community College Board.

In solidarity,